WealthBoss is rocking and has been paying daily for 1 year now.
If you are looking for a good passive opportunity paying in bitcoin, then you should take a look at this...

Dan Putnam (Co-Founder) has developed the marketing end of this program.
He has helped to develop and start 11 companies, all of which are still operating.

No work is required from your part in order to earn daily.
You simply join for free, purchase one or more WealthBlocks for $40 each (by bitcoin), then enjoy your daily earnings.
The invested money goes into their trading company (Eyeline Holdings).
They make profit from the trading done and we get a daily share of that.

You will earn up to 170% profit from your investments 100% passively = $68 earned back from each WealthBlock.
Earn even more on a daily basis by compounding / re-investing into more WealthBlocks + sponsoring others (totally optional).

Each WealthBlock cost $40.
50% = $20 goes towards the trading done by the company.
The other 50% ($20) is used for operational costs of the marketing company and the affiliate commission.
You make up to 0.66% per day of all the money that is used for trading (365 days) = $48 from each WealthBlock.
After the 365 days your package expires, and you get your original balance back ($20) plus all the profits you have earned for 365 days = $68.
The more WealthBlocks you purchase, the more you will earn and the faster you can compound your earnings as well into more WealthBlocks.
You can purchase as many WealthBlocks you want.

Earn 10% direct commissions as a free member
Earn 20% direct commissions as an upgraded member

We have a team building with a 3x12 forced matrix plan that pays between 2% to 3% per level.
You must be an upgraded member to earn from the forced matrix.

2% of all Global Sales will be split into shares.
Each member can earn unlimited shares in this Bonus Pool.
To Earn a share first you need to upgrade and then you earn one share for every 5 upgraded members you refer in a month.


• No monthly fees
• No enrollment fees
• No recruiting needed

• Only $40 to start earning
• $10 minimum withdrawal
• 100% hands-free passive income
• Up to 170% profit from each WealthBlock
• Daily compounding / re-investing available


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To Your Success!
Martin Gjolberg

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